Sunday, September 17, 2017

Take a trip inside my mind by Neve

Take a trip inside my mind it's where I go when I'm bored and sleepy. I dream of going back to Australia. I can often be found drawing,tracing and copying. At times I feel nervous and want to curl up but I feel so exited at the same time. When no one is watching I grab a lolly from the cupboard and run outside. I think of my dog Zac sitting on the bank at home. I wonder if i’ll get into quire. my hope is that the year doesn't go fast. This year I will be myself.

BEN'S inquiry of a fidget spinner


Joseph's Fan Bike

Four person fan bike
By Joseph Duff
The four person fan bike is an old machine it dates back from about 100 years ago.
It is in some museums nowadays.
There is also a one seater fan bike but it's much more modern.

The four person fan bike looks unusual at first sight but once you get use to it it looks more appealing.The fan bike has four seats with pedals under them.A huge fan with a guard.A  chain (hidden) and pole (unhidden).Fan spins around at a fast speed it looks like its invisible.

How the four person fan bike works,when people pedal the cogs turn forcing the chain to turn.
Once the cogs are turning a pole turns which is connected to a cog at the back once that cog is turning a pulley which is connected to a wheel at the back which turns the fan.
NOTE:Pedals may get very fast.

Forces involved in a fan bike,Kinetic energy and push air pushing onto you.
The fan is forcing air to push onto you.
These forces start with you pedaling.

I love the fan bike it balances energy work out (Getting hot)with cold air.
Its an awesome machine it shows how older engineering was like!
So that is my information report about the fan bike

Joseph's marble run

Joseph's marble run

My Book Review
    By Autumn

    My book is... Diary of a wimpy

cabin fever


These are some of the characters in the book:

  1. Greg heffley, the main character/the storyteller
  2. Rodrick, the oldest son in the family
  3. Manny, the youngest
  4. Rowley, Greg’s best friend
  5. Dad: (Mr Heffley)
  6. Mum: (Mrs Heffley)

    Greg also has an annoying little brother, Manny. He blames him for basically everything!

    Rodrick is the oldest brother. He likes to tease Greg a lot, and he has his own band called Loaded Diper. One thing he enjoys a lot, is playing the drums, (in his band). He drives around a lot, and his van is usually messy and stinky.

    Then there is Rowley. They’re best friends, but they don’t exactly agree on everything, and that’s why they fight all the time.

    As said before, Greg is the main character and he’s known for not being too fit. Greg has a diary where he writes all his secrets, and often likes to draw when he has spare time. In the book, Greg gets in big trouble for leaving 3 big, green splodges on the school property.
    It’s the end of summer and Greg and his family are trapped inside their house while the snow outside begins to build up, blocking the door.
                                                                       The book I have chosen is about a 12 year old boy named Greg Heffley. During the story, Greg’s school decides to get rid of the playground equipment, and take off all the junk food on the menu!

  7. Why I like the book
    In my opinion, this book is really interesting and I liked reading it. One thing I liked about reading this book, was that there were a lot of funny parts included in it and it had lots of pictures.
    I’d rate this book a 7 out of 10. It was enjoyable, but some parts were boring to read.

    217 pages.

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